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Paths to Knowledge 2.0 (PtK), is a web based, free to use, social learning application.

The overall PtK objective is to allow anyone to create and share learning maps, like the one illustrated below, to facilitate the use of visitor created, and external, web content, for learning in a real-time, highly interactive, social environment.

The project is currently in the Concept Development stage.

Project Goal: "Map the internet for learning."

One of many possible PtK Learning Map designs:
Illustration of a learning map.
Each colored dot represents a link to web content and is referred to as a "Learning Node". The suggested learning path is highlighted in yellow. The other paths are alternate suggestions the learner can explore.

PtK will assist with the organization of visitor created and external web content into pathed links a visitor can follow to achieve specific learning goals.
Goals can be broad, encompassing thousands of steps, or very specific with just a few steps that support just-in-time learning.
Nodes, paths, and sections of paths are all reusable and can be copied or linked to in other paths.

Web 2.0 real-time collaboration tools, like Google Wave, will be available for co-creation, communications, help, and socializing.

The project team is working on setting up the PtK 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, but it will be a few months before we obtain 501(c)3 IRS status. In the meantime, with only a few noted exceptions, all content is copyleft under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License (see the bottom of the page).

Show Core Participants

At this time, PtK is a concept being developed by a few people that work for various organizations. The core participants are:
  • Wilton Jones, President, HyperWindows Inc. a Colorado web applications corporation
  • Ann Miller, Director, Unlimited Learning, a Colorado 501(c)3 non-profit adult learning center
  • Leecy Wise, Reconnection Company - Four Corners Professional Development Resource Center, a Colorado Company
  • Susan Jones, CIO, HyperWindows Inc. a Colorado web applications corporation

Contact for information or to become involved: Wilton Jones

+ What (The main steps a visitor using the system might see.)
+ Why (Background, Book List, Research Links):
+ Who will build all of these paths, nodes, and content?
+ PtK will enable people to easily:
+ Social Interaction:
+ Conclusion:

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Creative Commons License
Unless otherwise noted, all content is Copyright, 2009-2016, Paths to Knowledge Inc.
In addition, the content is licensed by Paths to Knowledge Inc. under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.
The web application, including all server code, is Copyright, 2009-2016, HyperWindows Inc.